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Stourbridge Rugby - One Club

Stourbridge Rugby - One Club

By Mark Denison
14th August
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Moving forward as 'One Club'

As any of you who have been down to watch pre-season training will see, our 'One Club' approach is already having a positive effect.

There's over 60 players at each session, all benefiting from the new coaching structure, allowing for much better transition between the teams. Over the coming months, the 'One Club' policy will reach all sections of the Club, bringing us all together in a common cause.

We are looking at ways we can improve the rugby playing experience at SRFC and we have decided to focus on the following opportunities:

We will:

  • Provide leadership and direction
  • Appoint team captains and involve them in team preparation
  • Coordinate activities of COS,DOR coaches, captains and team managers
  • Further cohesion by training with a unified playing squad
  • The Firsts and the Lions will train together as a single squad
  • Dual registration for some players
  • Players moving between lions and firsts on a regular basis
  • Coordinate coaching throughout the club, sharing ideas and skills
  • Draw a coaching structure for the whole club showing links
  • Appoint a forwards coach and an attack coach for the single squad
  • Appoint a coach for the Greyhounds
  • Appoint two player coaches in the Lions, probably forwards
  • Actively recruit players and develop player pathways
  • Re-sign the majority of the existing first team and Lions Squads
  • Contracts for all players Firsts with remuneration Lions without
  • Recruit players from local area to improve the single squad
  • All recruitment coordinated by DOR and coaches
  • Ensure selection is impartial and recognises player ability
  • Appoint a Chairman of Selectors to oversee all team selections
  • Appoint informal scouts to be eyes and ears for COS
  • Conduct selection on Tuesday post training where possible
  • Maintain competitive teams in the leagues and merit tables
  • Monitor the games played and record all results
  • Select players on merit and current form only
  • Incentivise winning
  • Combine resources to provide organisational support
  • Define the team management role for all teams
  • Appoint team managers for every team including Hounds and Hoppers
  • Use the office and the duty officer to support all teams.
  • Work together to foster the culture of the club
  • Set out standards in our policies and procedures
  • Encourage participation in the club and respecting history
  • Plan social interactions for players at all club events

We are:

  • Committed to developing local talent and encouraging youth rugby
  • Manage the progression from colts into senior rugby
  • Keeping in touch with players after they have finished education
  • Keen to attract and engage with supporters and sponsors
  • Looking to encourage social interaction for the whole club


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